Models are also HUMANS

Written on 9/25/2008 10:55:00 AM by Keen Wanderer

I got this article while browsing Yahoo's home page. Prada recently held its PRADA SPRING SUMMER 2009 fashion show. I only saw the women's spring collection and their theme was "Back to the old ages"; where women that time like to wear gold and ragged, comfortable type of clothing.

In every fashion show, of course models wear high heels so that they can do their "famous" cat walk, but that time the models were not happy doing this because of their 5 inch high heels. Yes you read it right! a 5 inch high heels for the Prada's Spring collection cat walk. Who would be happy walking in those shoes even if they were made by Prada, right?

The models walked the ramp, each of them had the same facial expression " help me get out of these shoes!!" look. I think the normal heels size for fashion shows are 2-3 inches. Because of these uber high heels of Prada, some models tumbled down the ramp, good thing no one was injured...some of them even cried after the show.

Models are also humans... so even though it's their job to walk properly in a fashion show regardless of what kind of clothing or shoes they wear, lets also think of their safety. Can a basketball player play basketball if he is wearing ballet shoes? can a runner run properly if he is wearing stilletos ? ( well I know there's a stilleto run contest, but it's a different topic)

I know you already got my point, I just hope when they will release these shoes in the market, it wouldn't be that high. Below is the video of the fashion show.


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