Models are also HUMANS

Written on 9/25/2008 10:55:00 AM by Keen Wanderer

I got this article while browsing Yahoo's home page. Prada recently held its PRADA SPRING SUMMER 2009 fashion show. I only saw the women's spring collection and their theme was "Back to the old ages"; where women that time like to wear gold and ragged, comfortable type of clothing.

In every fashion show, of course models wear high heels so that they can do their "famous" cat walk, but that time the models were not happy doing this because of their 5 inch high heels. Yes you read it right! a 5 inch high heels for the Prada's Spring collection cat walk. Who would be happy walking in those shoes even if they were made by Prada, right?

The models walked the ramp, each of them had the same facial expression " help me get out of these shoes!!" look. I think the normal heels size for fashion shows are 2-3 inches. Because of these uber high heels of Prada, some models tumbled down the ramp, good thing no one was injured...some of them even cried after the show.

Models are also humans... so even though it's their job to walk properly in a fashion show regardless of what kind of clothing or shoes they wear, lets also think of their safety. Can a basketball player play basketball if he is wearing ballet shoes? can a runner run properly if he is wearing stilletos ? ( well I know there's a stilleto run contest, but it's a different topic)

I know you already got my point, I just hope when they will release these shoes in the market, it wouldn't be that high. Below is the video of the fashion show.


Be a Role Model FIRST

Written on 9/24/2008 09:55:00 AM by Keen Wanderer

I am watching Umagang Kay Ganda this morning, and it turned out that they're on their parenting segment, the topic was " Palasagot na mga anak, lagot!"

My mom was watching too and she said, " Oh, panoorin mo yan ha..." I know why she told me that, so we continued to watch the segment.

Their guest doctor explained that a parent should be a role model to their children to talk properly in front of other people. They should learn too how to speak in a low tone whenever they ask their children to run some errands for them. If they can't show them the proper way...what more would they expect them to be when they grow up?

Parents should also learn how to listen to their children if they are explaining their side; in that way, there's a give and take relationship going on. If you want your child to obey and listen to you, you should also show them that you are eager to listen to them too. Don't just nag and nag to your child, talk to them in a low voice and listen to what they are saying, because when they grow up they could bring them at school and workplace.

After hearing those words from the doctor, I looked at my mother and said, " Ma, narinig mo yun?" then she said, "Tama..tama...masama ang sumagot sa magulang...o ayan dapat matuto ka na.." I replied, " Hindi... yung sinabi nung doktor about sa mga magulang ang sinsabi ko..." She said, " Eh simula palang nung maliit ka, ganyan ka na eh..."

I stopped our conversation because I know she won't listen. Oh well.. I guess my mother heard all of it..she just felt guilty about it hehe =)


Written on 9/23/2008 03:05:00 PM by Keen Wanderer

This is my first entry for blogspot and I want to dedicate this blog to someone I really don't know personally, but gave back my USB thumb drive, let's just call him NONIE.

09/23/08 (Tuesday) - My boyfriend was on his way to work in Ortigas. He usually rides a bus, stops at SM Megamall and will ride an FX going to Pearl Drive. Because he was beating the clock at that time, he hurriedly snatched his ID from his clutch bag before going out of the FX. He didn't know that my thumb drive fell from his bag and someone saw it. This guy named NONIE, shouted forhim to come back but it's too late.

Around 9:30 a.m., I just arrived in my office and checked for my mobile phone. I had 2 missed calls. My mom was calling me and for her 3rd call attempt I was able to answer her call.

Mom: " May tumawag dito sa bahay,
NONIE ang pangalan. Nakuha daw nia yung usb drive mo, nahulog daw ng brother mo sa FX ( cnong brother yun?). Madami daw importanteng laman. Check mo nga usb drive mo kung nasa bag mo?"

Me: " Ay, hiniram ni bf yung usb drive ko , naku baka nahulog niya sa FX yun..."

Mom: " Ganun ba, tawagan mo muna siya bago mo tawagan tong si
, buti nalang at mabait yung tao ibabalik pa sayo yun. Isulat mo itong number niya..."

I immediately called my bf to confirm if he lost it. He said "No ", but I still insisted him to look for it in his bag. And it turned out that he really lost it and he didn't know. I was angry at him for being careless, but at the same time I'm just thankful someone brought it back. I gave my bf his office land line and room number;he went immediately to tektite bldg. to meet him and gave back my precious USB thumb drive.

It's really rare nowadays to meet someone like Nonie, I just wish other people will be like him.

So to Mr. NONIE of BINHI TRADING @ Tektite, Ortigas...I TIP MY HAT ON YOU!!! =D