Be a Role Model FIRST

Written on 9/24/2008 09:55:00 AM by Keen Wanderer

I am watching Umagang Kay Ganda this morning, and it turned out that they're on their parenting segment, the topic was " Palasagot na mga anak, lagot!"

My mom was watching too and she said, " Oh, panoorin mo yan ha..." I know why she told me that, so we continued to watch the segment.

Their guest doctor explained that a parent should be a role model to their children to talk properly in front of other people. They should learn too how to speak in a low tone whenever they ask their children to run some errands for them. If they can't show them the proper way...what more would they expect them to be when they grow up?

Parents should also learn how to listen to their children if they are explaining their side; in that way, there's a give and take relationship going on. If you want your child to obey and listen to you, you should also show them that you are eager to listen to them too. Don't just nag and nag to your child, talk to them in a low voice and listen to what they are saying, because when they grow up they could bring them at school and workplace.

After hearing those words from the doctor, I looked at my mother and said, " Ma, narinig mo yun?" then she said, "Tama..tama...masama ang sumagot sa magulang...o ayan dapat matuto ka na.." I replied, " Hindi... yung sinabi nung doktor about sa mga magulang ang sinsabi ko..." She said, " Eh simula palang nung maliit ka, ganyan ka na eh..."

I stopped our conversation because I know she won't listen. Oh well.. I guess my mother heard all of it..she just felt guilty about it hehe =)

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